Suggested Duties of an Online Captain

Online Bridge is a whole new world and the duties expected of a Captain are different. I have made a few suggestions below and welcome additions so that we can help Captains do a good job and meet the expectations of their team members .

  1. Communicate any relevant information to Team Members – when they are playing/who the opponents are/ convention cards if applicable/ results if applicable
  2. If your team is setting up the match, you have seating rights. Work with the team member setting up the match to agree seating, confirm any timing changes, etc.
  3. If the opponents are setting up the match check that your team are all online ready to accept the match invite and advise opposing team when ready.  Have a way to contact your Team is there are any issues with this.
  4. Make a note of the scores at the end of each match – BBO can be unreliable. The winning Captain forwards the results to Tournament Organiser(Liz Sylvester( copying opposing Captain for confirmation.
  5. Be aware of Conditions of Contest and ensure your Team follow them. Self alerting is particularly important.  This site contains the Conditions of Contest and information on self alerting.
  6. As we have no director, report any issues to Tournament Organiser at the END of the match.  The Tournament Director will arrange for a Director ruling if required.
  7. Liaise with Captain of opposing Team to:
    • Confirm date/time of match
    • Advise Line up if required – some teams have more than 4 members
    • Agree who will set up the match – remember no barometer,no undo’s and kibitzers to be silent. In General, ‘Home’ Team sets up but this can be changed if the Team lacks experience
    • BBO Userids of your team if they are setting up/Obtain their BBO Userid’s if your Team is setting up.
    • As a courtesy, provide Convention Cards to the opposing Team if your partnerships do not have convention cards available on BBO

I suspect the biggest issue is trying to generate Team spirit without having the opportunity to score up or just see each other and have a chat. Ideas welcome of how best to do this.


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