Ladies Round Robin: Conditions of Contest

Please be logged into BBO ten minutes ahead of start time to wait for your invitation to your seat. Do not be invisible. No Undos, kibitzers allowed but silent, Barometer scoring off, OK to use up time to think, be sympathetic in the first week if your opponents struggle to alert properly or if they don’t have a  Convention Card. Unless it’s urgent, call us only after the 14 boards to resolve problems. 

All players must stay calm and treat everyone with respect. Many people are stressed from being house-bound during the lockdown, but please try not to bring those stresses to the bridge table. People who stress out, e.g. by asking opponents to speed up, are unlikely to be invited to our future events. Please be pleasant to everyone at all times. This is our main rule.

Please do NOT log in as “invisible” or go into the casual part of BBO while you are waiting as the Team will lose you. Be online 10 minutes before play starts and be patient if the player setting up your match has to invite you several times before the match starts. 

3. TIME. 
There is no time limit but we expect most tables to finish the 14 boards in 90 and 100 minutes. We will set up the game so that you will not be booted off if you play a hand too slowly – that can be an irritating BBO feature. Taking time to think is fine, but please play at a reasonable tempo. 

You can write “thinking” or “think” in Chat when you stop to think for a while, or “brb” (be right back) if you leave your computer to go to the toilet or answer the front door. As dummy goes down, typ (thank you partner) in Chat is polite but not obligatory….  glp (good luck partner) from dummy is acceptable but not at all necessary. Using Chat for social chatting to the Table is fine if you are ahead of time, but not proper etiquette if your table is slow.

We are running this event with no Director and no Appeals Committee. That might seem revolutionary, but bridge online has no revokes, no leads out of turn and no insufficient bids. As we do not allow undo’s this eliminates a number of other issues too. If a problem occurs, most likely from a problem explaining the meaning of bids, you keep playing and contact me, Liz Sylvester, after the 14 boards.

We send the Captain the draw well before play starts. The  tables using random boards – different boards in each match. You simply log in, accept the invitation, and play. Be nice. Do not get upset. 

When the match finishes, the two captains agree the score and email the score (total imps for each side) to Liz Sylvester( This is a backup measure as there are times when the scores do not appear on BBO for some hours or days and we may need to publish the results. The 14 board WBF VP scale in use is available online so we do not have to repeat it here. 

The moment that email, the score of the match is official. If there is a dispute, send the scores as well as an email explaining the issue to Liz Sylvester who will liaise with suitable parties to sort out the dispute after the match. The match score will not become official until the disputes resolved. We will consult both teams – after the match – if there is a dispute. 

6. SET UP TEAMS MATCH. Each Team must nominate someone who has the ability to set up a Team’s Match on BBO or who is willing to be trained to set up a Match. A user guide will also be provided. The plan is to run the Teams Games at non-peak time on BBO.

7. NO UNDOs.
No undos. A player can activate Confirm Bid (useful) and/or Confirm Play (not so useful – too slow) options in the Account section of BBO, if terrified of misclicks. 

Kibitzers are allowed but must be silent. Players can chat to the Table or to an opponent but not to their partner.
We want it to be like F2F Bridge and disallow players from trying to use swings to manoeuvre the score.

We recommend Convention Cards (CCs) on BBO, but 100% compliance at the start of the tournament is unlikely. Your opponents’ Convention Card, while you are playing on BBO, is found in the options in the box with three lines in it. If your Convention Card is not on BBO we consider it common courtesy for each Captain to email the Convention Cards for their partnerships to the Captain of the Team they are playing against. 

Each pair is also expected to include a two or three line summary of their card play and bidding  system in the Notes section of their Profiles. For those new to BBO, your Profile is in “Account” – remember to Save Changes. 

As back-up, using Chat – either private Chat to an opponent or Chat to the Table – is fine, but the CC and Profile summary are superior and are strongly preferred.  

You alert your own bids, not the bids of your partner. Like with screens, you alert anything alertable, including doubles, cue bids and calls higher than 3NT. A call is alerted if you click the word Alert under your own bid BEFORE you make the bid. If the Alert button is clicked, three players (not your partner) will see a box around the bid. A bid is highlighted if an Explanation of the bid is written in the space provided. Explanations can be done before (best) or after (e.g. if you forgot) you make the bid, but Alert can be done only before you bid. Asking questions privately in Chat, or to the Table in Chat, is a back-up method of explaining, but if you use “Chat to Table”, your partner sees the Explanation, which is imperfect and could lead to an infraction. Do not stress if your opponents do not alert properly but let us know so we can address the issue before they play next time. We are all learning.

Barometer scoring is off. If you click on History as you play, you will therefore see only your own table’s scores – not the other table’s scores. When you finish play you can kibitz the other table if you want to. When both tables finish, the score of the match should appear, or you can go into History to see the scores and full records. There are times when BBO is slow to put the records up and it can take anything from a few hours to a few days for the results to appear.

Records can also be found by going to the website (not in BBO, just a website), locate Hand Records near the top … when prompted you enter your userid and password, then use “Get Hands”. In “Get Hands”, scores of other matches can be found by replacing your userid with someone else’s userid.

If you crash or log off, simply log back in – you will automatically be sent back to your seat.
If you permanently cannot get back, your partner should arrange for a kibitzer or other person to replace you for however long you are absent. Kibitzers of other matches have not seen your boards (different boards per match). If you are at a table, you can find that table’s kibitzers by clicking on “People” in the one-lined menu, then on “Kibitzers” near the top. 

If you need a substitute at a few hours’ notice, we can help you to arrange an alternate players. Contact mel if you need to. 

The person who sets up the table (the Seater) for each match has Seating Rights. This is a “thank you” for helping us out. If you want a particular person South or wherever, please let the Seater know in advance. The two captains are allowed to agree on a seating arrangement in advance, simply by advising the Seater early enough. 

These regulations might be improved or changed from week to week. If so, we will let the captains know.

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