How to Set Up a Team’s Match

Full detail and possible pitfalls are handled in this link, How to Create a Team Match on BBO

Summary for Experienced Users: Example Below


  • Enter the Title: Ladies Round Robin: Kaplan vs Humphries
  • Enter the Team Names: Kaplan and Humphries
  • Under description put +slow+ +nokill+ +silentspecs+


  • IMPs
  • 14 boards
  • Disable:No kibitzer’s to chat to players, No Undos, No Barometer

RESERVE SEATS TAB: Put in the Teams, your own team first and then the other team second in the bottom.

FINALLY click the “Create Team Match “button.

The players, who should all be online, will be sent an invitation and are drawn into the competition, and play commences.

Don’t click the Close button until everyone has accepted to start the match.


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